Low Hanging System Review 2020: Why Most People Don’t Make Any Money With Rachel Rofe’s E-commerce Program

If you’re reading this review today, you most likely are interested in joining Rachel Rofe’s Low Hanging System Jumpstart Program 2020.

And that’s a good call, but…

I went through the program myself back in 2018, and this is one of the very few business models I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone wanting to build a passive-income producing e-commerce business on a budget.

But there is something that most likely you haven’t heard about this business model yet…

…and there is a good reason for that: the affiliates that are pushing hard this launch don’t want you to know about this. Not before you pull the trigger anyway!

But I’ll be completely upfront with you here since I feel you should have all the facts at your fingertips before committing to a 2-grand product that might or might not work for you.

The fact of the matter is that even when you’ll see all of these testimonials plastered all over in all promotion materials and webinars trying to sell you this program…

In reality only a small percentage of the people who have joined before you have ever made any money at all with this business model!

Now, you may think that this is commonplace when it comes to ANY business model promoted in the internet marketing space…

And that all does depend on the individual’s commitment and the work that every person is willing to put in to make it work for them…

And most of the time I’d have agreed with you on that.

But as you’ll see this case is a little different…

And the reason why it is different is that this business model actually works

So why do most people that follow Rachel’s instructions to a T fail to make any money then?

The reason is simple math…

But granted, this is not at all evident the first time you’re presented with this business model.

You need to get neck-deep into it and invest lots of time and money to figure out what the missing piece is.

But fortunately for you, I already did that so you won’t have to.

I first bought the original LHS course when it was initially launched, back in 2016…

And for the next couple years I tried to make this business model work for me and my coaching clients.

And when I say that I tried to make it work what I mean is that we got results…

Some sales here and there, but nothing remotely close to a business you can rely on for the future of your family.

2 years later, I decided to invest $2k in the same program you’re considering joining right now.

Don’t take me wrong, Rachel’s insights and guidance during all the coaching calls were priceless… but the missing piece was still eluding me.

That’s when I decided to study what the actual successful people in the group were doing…

And to tell you the truth, once I saw it, it was as evident as the day to me why I wasn’t having the level of success I was expecting from this business.

So let me save you all that time, money and frustration and tell you right here and now what that missing piece is:

YOU NEED VOLUME to make this business model work.

And when I say volume… this is what every person that has been successful with this business model will tell you:


In other words, if you want to have a business you can count on, a business that actually produces sales and income for you in a dependable way, you must shoot for those 10,000+ mugs from the get go.

In fact, if you’d ask me, this is the simple business plan that will take you there:

Create and publish 2,000 mugs every month, for the next 6 months.

Simple, uh?

Not quite.

You see, it sounds simple…

But that’s where that “math problem” I mentioned before comes in…

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the whole process of designing a mug, publishing it to GearBubble -the Print-On-Demand company you’ll be using in the Jumpstart program-, and then pushing the mug to Amazon, Etsy, etc…

The process is not that complicated when you master it, and the “designs” you’ll be creating are super simple to make.

I won’t even call them “designs” (there is a reason why Rachel call then “ugly mugs” after all).

But with all that, the process still takes some time…

To be precise, I clocked myself going through the entire process…

From copying and pasting a phrase from the doc where I had collected them to the design program -I used PicMonkey back then-, creating the simple text-based design, exporting the image, and creating the mug on GearBubble…

The whole thing took me about 7 minutes.

And this WASN’T my first try (at first, it’ll probably take you about 15 minutes per mug).

Now, being able to create a brand new product and publish it online ready to make sales in 7 minutes certainly sounded like a dream come true for someone with an info-product creation background like me…

But this is the problem:

You need THOUSANDS of these little products to make the business work!

It’s easy to see that even when 7 minutes is not a long time, if you were to create and publish just 100 mugs, it would take you more than 10 hours.

As a matter of fact, most people I asked about it told me that it takes them anywhere from 12 to 16 hours of solid work to create and publish 100 mugs!

So, with that in mind…

How long will it take you to create and publish the 2,000 mugs you need to start seeing results?

200 hours?
300 hours?

For most people, it doesn’t even matter at this point, since it’s just impossible to do!

I mean… do you really have 200 extra hours to invest into this business above whatever you’re currently doing to make a living for yourself?

Most people don’t.

I certainly didn’t.

So I did what I thought was the only logical solution: I hired a virtual assistant to help me meet my monthly goal.

I’ll save you the horror story and briefly summarize the lessons learned for you here:

To start with, my VA produced a lot fewer designs that I was expecting, based on my personal experience doing the work by myself.

Even when I provided him with a couple of Excel spreadsheets with formulas  designed to automate the complete process from phrase expansion to creating listing titles, slugs, tags, etc…

He would barely produce a couple hundred mugs a week… in a good week!

But here is where the real nightmare started:

After about 700 mugs had been created and published to my GearBubble account -something that took my outsourcer a month and a half to complete!- I thought it was time for me to start pushing my mugs over to Amazon…

Guess what?

I found -not before pushing some crap over to Amazon, unfortunately- that about 25% of the designs were useless since titles and sometimes the designs themselves were plagued with blatant grammar mistakes!

(And this was a professional with a university degree that had sworn to me that his level of English was great!)

After some consideration I decided to write the whole thing off as a learning experience and let my outsourcer go…

It’d have taken me more time to fix each broken design and republish it than starting fresh anyway.

Back to square one…

Now, maybe other people have had a better experience than me with their outsourcers, but one thing is for sure:

Anything that would take you 200 hours to do, will take your overseas outsourcers double that… and results will most likely leave much to be desired… to put it nicely.

In practice, this means that you’ll need 3 or maybe 4 full time VAs to produce the 2,000 designs that you need every month… and you’ll probably will have to get a fair share of them re-done along the way.

It’s just the nature of things…

Of course, when you see it like this, the business model doesn’t seem to be as cheap as they are marketing it to be, does it?

Yes, you’re not paying for ads, and that IS a big deal all in itself since ads are the surest way to go broke quick if you’re not already an ad expert on your own right.

But in order to get “free” traffic -not such a thing as a free lunch- you’ll need to produce the kind of volume we’ve been talking about here… or resign to see no sales.

So… what is the solution then?


“If I could automate the whole process, then getting the kind of volume I need to see results as soon as possible would be not only viable but even easy…”

That’s the thought that ignited my quest…

A quest that would eventually lead me to change career paths for good to focus a full year into getting the software engineering skills needed to crack the problem once and for all.

But I started from a much more humble place…

My first approach to automation were those Excel spreadsheets I mentioned before.

I tried to make it copy-and-paste easy for my VA to produce the titles, tags, and all info needed to publish each mug while avoiding human errors as much as possible…

But the designing part still needed a human being to take care of it, of course…

“If I just could automate the design creation part…”

Long story short, this is how the idea behind Mug Samurai was born…. Way before I had the technical skills to make it a reality.

What’s Mug Samurai?

It’s the final result of my quest during all these years to make this business model accessible to anyone, including myself.

And is the one thing –the only thing– that will ensure that you’ll get a return on your investment in the Low Hanging System Jumpstart program.

See it in action for yourself:

Low Hanging System Review: Using Mug Samurai To Automate Your “Ugly Mug” Business!

As you can see, building and growing a mug business is now trivial, thanks to Mug Samurai!

But here’s the thing:

Mug Samurai has never been released publicly and only a dozen or so people have been secretly using it for the last few months to build their mug businesses at the speed of light.

You won’t be hearing about this from the guys flooding your email inbox with emails promoting the Jumpstart program.

The reason is simple: most of them don’t even know that this technology exists!

And the ones who do… Well, just let me say that they don’t seem that interested in letting anybody know…

But if you’re reading this, and you have made up your mind that you want to join this new Jumpstart Program, I want to make sure you’re successful.

And I’m going to do it by giving you something that nobody else can give you:

3,000 credits to use Mug Samurai to design AND publish to your GearBubble account 3,000 mugs… ALL ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

You can do this during your first month in business and leave your competition biting the dust.

Heck, you can do this in your very first week if you want to!

I mean, your only work with Mug Samurai is to come up with good phrases to create mugs for.

Don’t worry: I’ll also teach you my super-simple approach to this… you can easily “collect” 100 phrases in less than an hour using my custom template searches.

After you have collected your phrases, it’s as simple as copying and pasting them into Mug Samurai’s new project box, just as you saw in the video above.

Name the project, paste 100 phrases in at a time and click the button “Schedule Project”. It’s a 20-second drill.

Mug Samurai will take care of the rest.

Do this every day for the net 30 days -or schedule them all at once, you decide- and you’ll have 3,000 mugs ready to push to Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, or make sales on your own store.


How long do you think it will take everybody else to publish 3,000 designs in order to start seeing sales from Amazon?

I tell you how long…

Most will never do it!

And they will never do it just because designing and publishing 3,000 mugs will take the average person about 400 hours!

Most people getting into this business just don’t have the time or the money to make that happen!

But you do now.

Get The Low Hanging system Jumpstart through this affiliate link and I’ll provide you with your own Mug Samurai account with 3,000 credits on it, to guarantee your results with this business model!

Do NOT purchase the Low Hanging System by Rachel Rofe!

Unfortunately after years of promoting this training I must stop recommending it since the way this business model is being taught is NOT effective anymore.

I strongly recommend you join me on this over-the-shoulder training where I will show you proof of WHY this doesn’t work anymore and exactly how I’m approaching this business model myself in 2022:


I will also show you the exact tools and processes I’m currently using to automate my entire mug business (Yes, this includes design and mug creation!)